THE COST OF GUN-FREE ZONES: FSU Students had Clear Shot on Shooter

Gun-Free-ZoneThe reason concealed carry should be permited on campus. See how this FSU shooter could have been neutralized, before any real damage occurred.

One of the victims of last week’s Florida State University shooting is a concealed weapon permit holder. Another person who was there is a seasoned combat Army veteran who “had a clear shot at the shooter” during the incident. Both were helpless to do anything because FSU is a “gun free zone.”

Although the concealed carry holder, Nathan Scott, was himself shot in the leg, he was nonetheless able to limp out and warn others. But university policy stripped him of the tools he needed to actually stop the shooter.

The FSU chapter of Students For Concealed Carry credited the fast response time of local law enforcement personnel for having prevented even more injuries, but the group unequivocally states that the shooter could have been brought down earlier with a change in state law.

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“The events of the last week in Tallahassee make plainly clear that it is unacceptable for responsible students who have gone to training, had extensive background checks, had their fingerprints taken, are of legal age, and are licensed by the state to be prevented from carrying their self-defense weapons on campus,” the group said in a statement posted to its Facebook page.

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