Couple Caught Sexually Abusing Their Kids and Family Dog

A new report is coming out of an Indiana couple who have been accused of sexually abusing their own children and dog for over five years, according to authorities.

The Journal Review reported that formal charges were filed against Keylin L. Johnson, 52, and Sheila L. Johnson, 44, this week after police motioned for a probable cause affidavit on March 12.

The Ladoga, Indiana, couple sexually abused their children — 19-year-old son and two girls, 17 and 13 — beginning in 2012, after Mr. Johnson moved into the house. Police found sex tapes he recorded and intended to sell online.

Mrs. Johnson is the one being accused of sexually abusing the dog. All the children confirmed the sexual abuses.

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Via Breitbart: Investigators allegedly found hours of sexually explicit videos on Johnson’s laptop and cell phone, including exploitative images of the 13-year-old, as well as Mrs. Johnson engaging in sexual acts with the family dog.

Police also say Mr. Johnson threatened the youngest girl, saying if she did not succumb to the video sessions and abuse, he would release images of her publicly, and she and her mother would be arrested for making pornography.

The pair faces multiple charges of child abuse, incest, and pornography. Shiela Johnson also faces charges of bestiality. They are being held at the Montgomery County Jail on $50,000 surety/cash bond each.


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