CRAIGSLIST KILLER: ‘If I Get Out of Here I’d Do It Again’

Screenshot 2014-03-03 at 8.48.28 AMThe self-confessed Satanic serial killer who claims to have murdered more than 22 people may have kept a record of the slayings.

Elizabeth Dean confirmed an ex-boyfriend of daughter Miranda Barbour, 19, gave her a diary he claimed was her’s just as the teen appears to have revealed a motive for the supposed killings – revenge.

Miranda Barbour told the New York Post from jail that she would have let Troy LaFerrara, 42, of Sudbury, Pennsylvania go had he stopped groping her when she said she told him she was barely 16-years-old – she was molested at age 4.

Dean did not deny the horror journal was filled with details on the murders, but stopped short of confirming exactly what was scrawled on its pages.

‘There are things in here that just can’t be true,’ she told the paper. ‘Some of this I just don’t believe.

‘I don’t believe she has done any of what she is saying, and I don’t know why she is saying all of these things,’ Dean continued.

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The mother also confirmed a claim made by her daughter that she was molested at age 4, saying she immediately went to police and the man was arrested.

Revelations of the murder memoir come as Miranda Barbour claims she is confessing to the killings so she remains behind bars.

‘I’m saying all this for me, I want to remain in prison,’ she insisted. ‘I told my lawyer I wanted to plead guilty to this.

‘If I get out of here, I’d do it again,’ she continued.

Her conversations with a reporter from the Daily Item, a local paper, also shined a light on the killer couple’s murder plans.

She and husband Elytte Barbour decided he would hide in the backseat of her car and jump out when she said ‘did you see the stars tonight?’

Had LaFerrara backed off and decided against trying any sexual activity with the ‘underage’ woman, she would have let him go.

Hubby did not respond to her two utterances of the phrase, so she had to improvise.

‘He still didn’t jump up, so I hit him in the leg and then he popped out.’

Elytte Barbour strangled LaFerrara with an electrical cord while Miranda Barbour stabbed him repeatedly in the chest until he was dead – they carried out the sinister plot on Elytte’s 22nd birthday.

They dumped his butchered corpse in an alley and went looking for cleaning supplies to clean the blood from her car, she said.

‘There was just so much,’ said the teen. ‘It was everywhere.’

The pair then went to a strip club before returning to the crime scene the next day to see police everywhere,

‘I saw all the police and said, ‘Well, I guess they found him,’ she recalled.

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