CRAIGSLIST KILLER: Pregnant Mother Raped and Killed by Man She Met on Craigslist

article-2523126-1A111AEC00000578-666_634x378A nine-months pregnant mother, raped and killed by a former doctor who met her for sex before administering a lethal heroin injection, had turned to prostitution to make ends meet, a court heard.

Deanna Ballman and her unborn child, planned to be called Mabel, died after the mother answered a Craigslist ad offering $200 to sleep with Ali Salim, according to a prosecutor.

Kyle Rohrer, prosecuting, said the 23-year-old was in a difficult financial situation after moving home to Ohio from Colorado, leaving her husband and trying to support two children while pregnant.

Salim, a former doctor, used Craigslist extensively to meet sexual partners, with many references in his ads to exchanging drugs for sex, including heroin, the filing said.

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Many of the women were young, drug-addicted prostitutes, with several alleging they were drugged against their will and others saying they were sexually assaulted, the filing said.

Salim also wrote prescriptions for hard drugs for women with whom he had sexual relationships, and bought heroin that he gave women who visited his house in an upscale neighborhood.

A message was left for Salim’s attorney, Sam Shamansky, who previously alleged Ballman was a prostitute feeding a drug habit.

Ballman, 23, died of a fatal heroin overdose, but there is no evidence she was a drug user, Rohrer said.

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