CRAZY B*TCH: Elizabeth Warren is Demanding Trump Put Business in BLIND TRUST or Be IMPEACHED

We would tell you we think ol’ Lizzie has gone off her rocker. That she should join Hillary in getting her head checked out. But you probably knew all that already. So tell us your thoughts. Has Warren lost it?

A prominent Democratic senator and transparency groups on Thursday stepped up pressure on Donald Trump to sever business ties and eliminate conflicts of interest before becoming US president.

Elizabeth Warren said she and other senators would introduce a bill in January that would require Trump to disclose and divest any financial conflicts of interest before the Republican property tycoon is sworn in as president on January 20.

‘Placing assets in a true blind trust has been the standard for previous presidents. Our bill makes clear we expect Trump to do the same,’ Warren tweeted.

Democrats are a minority in the Senate and the House of Representatives, meaning that the bill has little chance of being adopted by Congress.

On Thursday a group of protesters representing six organizations, including Public Citizen and Common Cause, were escorted into Trump Tower to deliver petitions they said were signed by more than 400,000 people demanding that the future president separate himself fully from his conglomerate, The Trump Organization.


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