Criminal Complaint to be Filed Against Animal Rights Activists Who Threatened Huntress, Leading to Her Suicide

The Royal Spanish Federation of Hunting fighting animal activists who threatened and cyber bullied popular huntress and blogger Melania Capitan, who was 27yrs-old, leading to her suicide.

RSFH said in a statement that it “strongly condemns these attitudes and will not allow any type of harassment to the hunting group, made up of more than one million people, by radicals who want to impose their vegan-animalistic totalitarian doctrines in our democratic society and plural.”

Melania had thousands of online followers and rose to fame due to her posts explaining hunting tactics, as well as her every day life photos.

Hunting magazine Jara y Sedal reported Melania, who was from Catalonia and had lived for the last three years in Huesca, had apparently killed herself leaving behind a suicide note addressed to her friends.

This comes after it was reported that the internet star was threatened online.

Her posts caused much controversy across the internet, especially with animal rights activists who widely criticized her.

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Of course, there was no remorse from the animal rights activists that their bullying lead to her death.

Her Facebook profile was flooded with messages celebrating the tragic news by the tree huggers.

One person wrote: ‘You have done a favour to humanity! Bye Bye.’

Another stated: ‘She is alive, do not worry, what happened is that she left hunting and now is in the casting of the series The Walking Dead.’

One internet user added: ‘She was so bitter that she had to pay her hate killing innocent animals, thank God she killed herself, the only good thing she did lately.’

According to a statement from the RSFH:

The Royal Spanish Federation of Hunting prepares a criminal complaint (to be presented on Monday, July 24 in the Public Prosecutor’s Office) against animal terrorism, which has once again made an intolerant and violent attack against the hunting group, with insults , Insults, calumnies, threats, even death, after the tragic, sad and sad death of Captain Melania.

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The president of the RFEC, Ángel López Maraver, has indicated that the first thing is the respect to the family before the circumstances in which the loss of this young huntress has occurred. But they will not tolerate attacks from animalists that she and the group are receiving, and therefore, the RFEC will take appropriate legal action against all those who, lacking the slightest humanity, with threats and everything Kind of disqualifications, are tainting the memory of a human life by its condition of the hunter.

The Legal Services of the RFEC have stated that the fundamentalist eco-terrorism that prevails in social networks is violating the rule of law, by restricting the personal freedoms of hunters, who practice a totally legal and regulated activity.

It is important that this hunting organization is finally standing up to the hate-speech that so many in the community receive from the antis. While this case most like will set no precedent over here in the U.S. it could certainly open a door.

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