Cruel Care-Takers: Two Rotten Care-Takers Slap, Jab and Humiliate Brain-Damaged Patient [PHOTOS]

Cavendish Press - ManchesterTwo carers secretly filmed slapping, jabbing and humiliating a brain-damaged patient as he lay groaning in bed have been warned they face jail.

Shocking footage shows Rita Page, 68, and Lynette Crook, 33, smacking the young victim’s legs and swearing at him as they changed his bedding at a £3,000-a-week Priory care home.

On the recording, made after relatives became concerned about his treatment at the private hospital, Page can be heard insulting the helpless patient as a ‘b*****d’ and a ‘dirty scummy boy’.

Cavendish Press - Manchester

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She also tells her colleague ‘there’s this very fine line between abuse and neglect’.

Crook is captured telling the patient: ‘I don’t do sick, so stop it, scummy lad.’

The women were arrested after relatives handed the recordings to police and the pair have now been warned they face jail after admitting slapping the man and jabbing him with a pen.

His family called for vulnerable patients’ care to be routinely videoed, saying responsible carers would have nothing to hide.

Cavendish Press - Manchester

The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, suffered brain damage in an accident when he was younger. He was looked after at the Priory Highbank specialist unit for neurological disorders in Bury, Greater Manchester, part of the Priory Group.

However, his family feared staff had not investigated their concerns about his treatment and hid surveillance cameras around the man’s room.

Among footage recorded in August and September 2012, Page is heard saying: ‘You won’t beat us, b*****d. There’s this very fine line between abuse and neglect. Don’t you dare be sick on me boy, don’t you dare – you dirty scummy boy.’

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