CRUZ CONFESSION: ‘I Won’t Get 1,237 Delegates’

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Well, of course he wouldn’t. Does this mean Ted Cruz is planning to peace out of the election or better yet, become Trump’s running mate?

Ted Cruz has made few friends among Republicans in Washington during his nearly four years in the Senate, but his message to GOP elite as he looks to build support to the party’s presidential nominee is that he would bring more Republicans along with him.

In a private meeting with members of the Republican National Committee, the Cruz campaign’s high command, including campaign manager Jeff Roe, strategist David Polyansky, and delegate-hunters Ken Cuccinelli and Saul Anuzis, made the case for Cruz as the party’s stronger choice for the general election and argued he’d help down-ballot GOP races. Mathematically eliminated from winning the GOP nomination on the first ballot, Cruz is betting on Donald Trump failing to reach the 1,237 delegates required to win the nomination on the first ballot, and plotting to secure as many of the then-unbound votes as possible.

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According to multiple people in the room, Roe pitches the members on Cruz’s commitment to grassroots organizing and cited poll numbers showing Cruz as a better candidate than Trump in the general election. Yet Cruz’s own numbers are less than spectacular, trailing Hillary Clinton in nearly every poll, and often by substantial margins.

Cruz made a late addition to his schedule Wednesday to attend the spring meeting of the RNC at a beachside resort in Hollywood, Fla, where his campaign has arranged an afternoon of small-group meetings with RNC members. The Florida meeting represents the largest gathering of known delegates to the convention, and the second largest to the as-yet-elected California delegation’s organizing meeting. Speaking to the heart of the GOP establishment, Cruz rejected the notion that he was trying to appeal to the very “Washington cartel” he has railed against for years.

“The people who are here are elected grassroots activists from the states,” Cruz said of the 168 members of the Republican National Committee in a press conference.


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