Current Acting Director of FBI Has a VERY Cozy Relationship With Hillary…at Least His WIFE Does

Hillary has found herself in some pretty cozy relationships with some pretty high ranking people. It’s starting to turn heads just a bit.

Former FBI official James Kallstrom said it’s “disgraceful” that one of Hillary’s close connections, Andrew McCabe, is the acting director for the agency.

“It’s actually disgraceful. Here’s a guy who’s still in the chain of command.”                                        

McCabe took over as acting FBI director after Comey was fired. What’s the connection to Hillary, you ask?

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Well, McCabe’s wife is Jill McCabe. She took $467,500 from Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s political action committee during her Virginia state Senate campaign.

And she did this, and that’s where Hillary comes in:

She also received $207,788 from the Virginia Democratic Party, which is heavily influenced by Clinton loyalist McAuliffe.

The funds began flowing to Jill McCabe two months after the FBI launched its investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server in July 2015.

At that time, Andrew McCabe was promoted from running the bureau’s Washington field office to the No. 3 position at the FBI. She eventually lost to her GOP opponent.

“And Comey lets all this pass. He doesn’t do a thing about it. It’s an outrage,” Kallstrom said. “Today’s he’s the acting director and I hope in two or three days he’s no longer the acting director because he has no judgment. And it just shows that Comey has no common sense.”

The NY Post

Kallstrom also said he supported Trump’s decision to firer Comey, say it was the right move.

“He had to go. And I am glad he went. And I think the president did exactly what he should do.”

He went on, saying Comey had done a number of “foolish things”, the worse being when he announced that while Hillary Clinton was “extremely careless” in her handling of classified information, she did not intend to violate the law and shouldn’t be charged criminally.

“That’s just preposterous that this woman who spent eight years in the White House … was a senator, was secretary of state, did not know you had to protect highly classified information. It’s just a farce.”

He claims that a “vast, vast majority” of FBI employees were offended by Comey’s handling of the investigation.

His solution for restoring the agency? Find a skillful director.

“I think we just have to have a strong leader. Somebody with integrity, somebody that has an investigative background, somebody who has proven leadership that can inspire people to do the work.”


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