CYBERATTACK: Guess Which Country Is Claiming Responsibility For Major Tech Hack Against America…

HINT: Trump is not a fan of this nation. Question is, are we getting attacked because Obama has transferred control of the internet over to foreign nations? Check this out!

The hazard of having so many household devices connected to the internet is even more obvious after Friday’s cyberattack.

A Chinese firm that makes components for surveillance video cameras now admits their technology was used, in part, to carry out the unprecedented strike.

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XiongMai Technologies acknowledged that a piece of malware known as “Mirai” that’s spreading around the internet targets vulnerabilities in their products.

“Mirai is a huge disaster for the ‘Internet of Things,'” XiongMai representative Cooper Wang told CNNMoney in an email. “[We] have to admit that our products also suffered from hackers’ break-in and illegal use.”

It appears hundreds of thousands of internet-connected devices, such as security cameras and DVRs, were used without their owners’ knowledge to help leverage Friday’s attack, according to security firm Flashpoint.


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