D-Bag Buss Driver: Bus Driver Shakes Hands and Laughs with Sexual Harasser, After Woman Asked Driver not to let Him On

article-2528734-1A467AF100000578-351_634x421A Bay Area woman threatened with rape while waiting for a bus in downtown San Francisco last week was refused help when her shuttle finally arrived in the early hours of Tuesday morning. 

Meredith Yayanos had taken the bus into San Francisco to attend a concert December 16, and was waiting for her bus back to Sausilto around midnight when a stranger invaded her personal space, looked her up and down, and asked: ‘Hey baby, how you doin?’

When she refused to engage the man, he became infuriated and refused to leave her alone. 

Ms Yayanos, a musician, detailed the terrifying experience in a blog post, writing that the man called her a b**** and a stuck-up ho before moving on to scarier threats. 

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As he got closer and closer, the man threatened to beat and rape her – at one point unzipping his pants. 

‘I am going to slap you, b****,’ he said. ‘You deserve to get raped. You deserve a d*** in your ***. Stuck-up ugly s***. You’re gonna get raped because you’re a b**** and b****s deserve whatever they get.’

Ms Yayano’s phone had died, so she couldn’t call for help. But since she was in a brightly lit area, she decided to hold her ground until the bus came. 

When it finally arrived she rushed on, told the driver about the man’s threats and asked him not to let him on board.

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