DAMAGE CONTROL TIME: Hillary INSISTS She’s Fighting for Millennials

bernie-and-clintonIs this the biggest load of BS you’ve ever heard? She’s in it for her and doesn’t care about anyone else.

Hillary Clinton‘s campaign on Saturday responded to a leaked recording of her commenting on Bernie Sanders supporters during the primary, saying she was “inspired” by young voters who backed the Vermont senator.

“As Hillary Clinton said in those remarks, she wants young people to be idealistic and set big goals. She is fighting for exactly what millennial generation cares most about — a fairer more equal, just world. She’s working to create new pathways to jobs and career opportunities, to build more inclusivity and community, and to ensure everyone gets a fair shot,” the statement read.

Clinton’s campaign called young voters “the most diverse, open-minded generation in history” who want to be heard, and touted her and Sanders’s college plan.

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“She’s inspired by the optimism and the drive of this generation and Sanders supporters across the country — and they’ve helped her craft and promote the most progressive platform in Democratic party history,” the statement said.

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