DANG: Trump Admin Just Kicked These MSM Networks Out of White House Press Conference… and They’re Already Crying About It

Sean Spicer barred several news outlets from a Friday afternoon White House press briefing. The media went into a frenzy over this. Did the Trump Admin make a bad move here or was this a well need cleaning?


In place of the regularly scheduled conference in the James S. Brady Briefing Room, Sean Spicer opted to host an informal press gaggle in his office. But when it was time for the briefing to begin, certain outlets found themselves banned from attending.

The New York Times reported that journalists from their organization, as well as journalists from CNN and Politico, were prohibited from entering the press secretary’s office for the briefing.

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Axios provided a full list of media outlets not allowed in the press gaggle:

In: Breitbart, The Washington Times, One America News Network, Reuters, Bloomberg, NBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS (which, per Dave Lee of the BBC, agreed to share audio with the excluded press).

Out: NYT, Politico, BBC, LA Times, Buzzfeed, The Hill, Daily Mail, New York Daily News, and most of the foreign press — plus, the AP and Time boycotted the gaggle upon learning of the restrictions.

The Trump administration has consistently been at odds with certain members of the press. Representatives of the administration have never been afraid to openly feud with certain news outlets, but the decision to prevent certain outlets from having access to the press secretary is a step further than previous actions.


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