Dangerous Times, Dangerous Games, High Stakes

dangerThere’s not much we can add to the horrific story in Boston. It was a terrorist attack designed to deliver the message that terrorists are no longer afraid of reprisals. If our leaders are not preparing an unmistakable response to the contrary, we may be facing a long and dangerous summer.

Without sounding bloodthirsty, I’m not thinking many Americans are considering turning the other cheek. Unlike inexplicable attacks by unbalanced crazies, this was a planned attack by an organized group. And that group should be eliminated as an object lesson to others who are watching to see how the nation responds.

An unmistakable message was delivered yesterday to the outdoor industry and thousands of consumers by the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center: “We heard you. We understand.”

After the major players in the firearms industry, hundreds of small businesses and tens of thousands of consumers sacrificed one of the country’s top outdoor shows rather than be told by the show management the modern sporting rifle would not be permitted there last year, the former management company announced the show’s “postponement”. Reed Expositions, the UK-owned expo group was determined not to back down on their position. Now, they’re out in favor of a decidedly pro-gun management team.

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