David Hogg Attacks Arby’s Execs for Supporting Laura Ingraham — Publishes Their Personal Info

David Hogg is still throwing his hissy fit after Laura Ingraham tweeted the anti-gun activist was “whining” for not being accepted into 4 California universities.

Since Hogg threw his online tantrum 11 advertisers have dropped their contracts with the FOX News show the “Ingraham Angle”, however Arby’s hasn’t been one of them. Now, the entitled princess is trying to pressure them into submission.

Since publishing the tweet it was deleted hours later. The reason why was not indicated, but we’re hoping it’s because Arby’s lawyers dropped a “bomb” on him.

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Even though he deleted his tweet, Hogg’s minions are still willing to wage the war. Once the information was made public, another activist started spreading “the word”:


With this type of environment, freedom loving Americans need to be more active than ever. It’s time we showed our support for the second amendment, free thought and those companies who support both. Don’t let these millennials bully us into submission!

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