DE BLASIO: U.S. has a ‘Democracy Problem’ because Voter I.D. Laws are ‘Repressing’ Voter Turn Out

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 9.23.05 AMGuess who wants to allow a bunch of non-citizen to vote? New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio.

While appearing on Sunday’s edition of CBS’s “Face the Nation,” New York Mayor Bill de Blasio claimed America has “a democracy problem” and called for national voting laws, The Hill reported. He also claimed Republicans are working to “repress” voter turnout with laws intended to keep elections honest.

“We have a democracy problem,” he told host John Dickerson. “Our elections are governed by state law and for a long time I’ve believed we need to make a fundamental series of reforms.”

“Let’s face it, a lot of the people in the political class have tried to discourage voter involvement and a lot of incumbents prefer a very small electorate,” he added. The New York mayor also criticized New Jersey Republican Chris Christie for going after Hillary Clinton‘s idea of automatic voter registration and extended early voting, while arguing that states are not the best arbiter of voting laws.

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“Secretary Clinton put forward a notion we need a national strategy to energize voting again, to get people involved,” he said. “Obviously, to address the many efforts made by Republicans to repress voter involvement.”

Dickerson, however, observed that New York City — a Democratic stronghold — has very strict voter rules, which Clinton didn’t mention. He asked de Blasio if that undermined her case.

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