DEAD: ‘Mastermind’ Behind Paris Terror Attack Killed in Raid Amidst His Plans to Attack Again

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 9.07.45 AMOnly good terrorist is a dead one.

The mastermind of the synchronized slaughter in Paris died Wednesday, cut down in a seven-hour shootout with police as he plotted new terror attacks.

ISIS kingpin Abdelhamid Abaaoud was found dead inside a Paris apartment building after police sprayed the residence with 5,000 bullets — and a female colleague detonated her suicide vest.

Though French officials would not confirm the 27-year-old mass murderer was dead, a pair of senior European officials confirmed to The Washington Postthat Abaaoud’s reign of terrorism was through.

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After a long and savage siege punctuated by gunfire and explosions, French authorities reported two terrorists were dead and another eight in custody.

The raid thwarted a second wave of terror plotted by the bloodthirsty Abaaoud and a “new team of terrorists,” said Paris Prosecutor Francois Molins. At least five heavily armed cohorts were believed inside the apartment with the terror cell’s leader.

Rumored targets for a horrific followup to the worst attack on French soil since World War II included Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport and the Les Quatre Temps shopping center in the city’s La Défense neighborhood.

Cops threw grenades at the apartment building during the wild gun battle, and its third floor collapsed as snipers unloaded round after round.

Five police officers were wounded as law enforcement was initially kept at bay by a reinforced door in the apartment that was a safe house for the terrorists.

The barely recognizable body of one terrorist was found on the second floor when authorities finally entered the building.

“The corpse was mutilated, probably from grenades,” police special forces unit head Jean-Michel Fauverge told the French newspaper Le Figaro. “Other people were in the stairwell, two men hiding under blankets and whatever they would find. We arrested them.”

The European officials told the Washington Post that Abaaoud might have died from the blast caused by the female suicide bomber.

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