DEADLY DARE? One Journalist Challenges Politicians to Join him at Mexico Border to See…

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 9.34.03 AMLeaders of America can dictate what should happen on our Mexico border, without ever visiting the place. This one journalist has a ‘radical’ idea, which he believes would change our border problems forever. Check it out.

By Lana Shadwick and Bob Price 

The importance of political leaders traveling to the border to take the “Breitbart Border Tour,” was the topic Breitbart Texas Managing Director Brandon Darby discussed when joining Stephen K. Bannon and Alex Marlow on Breitbart News Daily. He said the unannounced, no law enforcement, dangerous tour in the darkness, no physical barrier to the “fricken beheading ISIS-like” Los Zetas Cartel, is designed to let politicians see and feel what Border Patrol agents feel. Darby said the tour was no “Potemkin Village.”

The interview focused on the impact of an open border on the nation as a whole and came during a border tour with Paul Nehlen. Nehlen is from Wisconsin and is challenging House Speaker Paul Ryan in the Republican primary. Nehlen first used the term “Potemkin Village” in connection to political tours of the border. Darby also recently took another congressional candidate on a tour, Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson, as reported by Breitbart Texas.

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Darby said it is critical for our leaders or prospective leaders to talk to the men and women who work day and night to protect this country. He said they also need to do more than just see the fancy dog and pony show conducted by Border Patrol executives for VIPs.

“They get this big fancy tour that is not representative of what the agents usually are dealing with, and how unsecured the border usually is,” Darby said on SiriusXM radio.

He said he was impressed that Nehlen was with him “literally sitting along the river near Carizzo Springs (Texas) in the weeds” and in the middle of snakes. Nehlen and Darby were just three feet from the Rio Grande River with no physical barrier and only 40-50 yards from Nuevo Laredo, the headquarters of the brutal Los Zetas Cartel. You could easily walk or inner tube across the river. Nehlen came to the border unannounced and without law enforcement protection. Darby said they saw tons of evidence of smuggling, including black bags and inner tubes, like when he caught cartel thugs smuggling humans in late April (captured on video).

Breitbart Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon asked Darby why people who don’t live in Texas or Arizona should care about the open border policies of the federal government. Darby delivered a powerful answer:

Well, I’ll tell you what. You go find the mothers and fathers of people who have kids, the mothers and fathers who have children who are suffering from meth addictions right now and they’re watching their kids die – You see if they care, if they give a damn about this open border and the amount of methamphetamine that’s crossing the border from the Gulf Cartel, from the Zetas, and from the Sinaloa Cartel. You go talk to the parents with the heroin epidemic that we’re having across this nation right now, and you ask them if they give a damn about this border.

You go talk to the low-income black workers who no longer can get jobs in hotels because the jobs are all filled with people who are in this country illegally working for less than the American worker will work for, or can work for, and you go see if they care about this issue with this border. They do care about this border.

Darby added:

This is happening across the country and it effects everyone everywhere. People with addiction who are seeing this rampant addiction and increase in addictions because there is a rampant increase in the amount of dope coming across this border. That’s why!

Bannon also asked Darby whether there was any relationship between the sanctuary city near Paul Ryan’s district, Chicago, and the fact that the Chicago Crime Commission has in the last year or so named the head of the cartel living in Mexico as “Public Enemy #1.” Darby answered – “100 percent of a correlation.”

Darby explained, There are always ‘push-factors,’” i.e., “It sucks to live there.” He said in countries that follow left of center policies, specifically in Central America, there are no jobs.

We create “pull-factors,” he said. Just Google “U.S. Government Asylum Policy” and you will see that the federal government encourages and educates people that if they want asylum, all they have to do is step on U.S. soil. They are also reassured that if caught, they will be released with only a Notice to Appear form.


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