DEADLY HOTEL ATTACK: 28 People Killed By Gunman in Tunisian Beach Hotels

shootingNo Americans were reportedly killed and the gunman was shot dead by authorities.

A gunman disguised as a holidaymaker has killed at least 28 people in an attack on two tourist hotels in a Tunisian town popular with British and Irish holidaymakers.

Tourists fled from the beach in Sousse to take refuge in hotel rooms after gunfire erupted on the beach.

The gunman, who was dressed in shorts, came from the beach hiding his Kalashnikov gun under an umbrella before attacking terrified holidaymakers.

He then entered the Hotel Imperial through the swimming pool area, shooting people as he went.

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He also threw an explosive, witnesses said.

The gunman, from the city of Kairouan and who was reportedly unknown to authorities, was later shot dead by security forces.

A photo has emerged of a man wearing black shorts, face down in the street with an automatic weapon next to him and surrounded by police.

Local radio said police captured a second gunman, but officials did not immediately confirm the arrest or his role in the attack.

Tunisia’s health ministry has said British, German and Belgian nationals are among the dead, while Sky sources have said an Irish woman was killed.

One man said his son saw someone get shot as he raced back to the hotel from the sea.

Photographs seen by Sky News show one man in his 60s or 70s lying in a pool of blood in his swimming shorts on the sand and next to what appeared to be the body of a woman.

The country’s interior ministry says one gunman has been killed, while another is still on the loose.

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