DEADLY MISTAKE? Man Charged With MURDER Mistakenly RELEASED From Custody — Manhunt Underway

We don’t know, something seems off about this. You don’t just mistakenly let someone who has been charged with murder go. What did they think, we all of a sudden didn’t do it? No one could have messed the paperwork up that bad, could they?

A manhunt was underway Monday for an accused killer mistakenly released from state custody.

Garrett Glover, 29, was set free when he should have been held in custody in lieu of $2 million bond.

Now, he is the target of a citywide manhunt as Cook County officials try to figure out how the screw-up happened. He is considered dangerous and Cook County Sheriff’s officials told the I-Team the search is “all hands on deck.”

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Cook County authorities discovered the mistake Monday morning when they went to the address he had provide on his parole record, but he wasn’t there.

Glover is accused in the 2012 Dan Ryan Expressway shooting that resulted in the death of motorist Larry Porter, 25, who had just become a father that day.

Glover was being held at the Cook County Jail for the past two years for attempted armed robbery that were separate from the expressway shooting charges.


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