‘DEAL WITH IT YOURSELF’: 911 Dispatcher Hangs Up on Woman as Her Friend Dies in Her Arms [AUDIO]


A 911 dispatcher resigned after allegedly hanging up on a teen who called for help after her friend was fatally shot.

Esperanza Quintero was left wondering what would have happened to Jaydon Chavez-Silver had the 911 call with dispatcher Matthew Sanchez gone differently.

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“I don’t know if he would have made it or not,” Esperanza Quintero said of her friend to ABC affiliate KOAT. “But if he [the dispatcher] had just tried to help, just a little.”

Quintero and Chavez-Silver, both 17, were at a party in Albuquerque earlier this month when someone drove by and opened fire. When her friend was shot, Quintero sprang into action and called 911. But she said she was also panicked.

“I had to stop his bleeding, I had to do CPR to keep him breathing and alive,” she said. “I was frantic, I was scared.”

On the call, Sanchez can be heard asking Quintero if Chavez-Silver is breathing.

“He’s barely breathing,” she responds. “How many times do I have to [expletive deleted] tell you?”

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