DEAR AMERICA: Do You Agree With Judge Jeanine RIOTERS Need To Be ARRESTED?

We all know this is a woman you DO NOT want to mess with. Highly intelligent and quick as a whip, she will destroy your stupid statements/actions. You have to check this out! Give us your thoughts below.

 The CEO of a food delivery service, Matt Maloney, sent an email to his employees Wednesday to let them know that if they supported Donald Trump, they should resign.

Judge Jeanine Pirro reacted on Fox & Friends this morning, explaining that Maloney’s original email puts him at risk for a “major lawsuit.”

She said Maloney’s stance goes even further than not allowing employees to engage in political speech in the private workplace.

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“This is very different. This is the employer saying, ‘if you don’t agree me with, if you don’t hate the president … then resign. That tells me that he’s going to discriminate,” said Pirro.


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