DEAR AMERICA: Is Protesting the National Anthem the Same as Bowing for Church?

screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-12-36-02-pmI don’t think that’s why they were kneeling, Foster. It’s a sign of protest, meaning they don’t want to recognize or respect the flag and all those who fought for it. Nice try to cover this disgrace up though

After Arian Foster and three of his Miami Dolphins‘ teammates made the decision to kneel during the national anthem on Sunday, they were ripped by many on social media for disrespecting the American flag and everything it stands for.

Although many people disagreed with Foster’s actions, the running back says that he didn’t do anything disrespectful. After the Dolphins’ 12-10 loss in Seattle, Foster said that kneeling during the national anthem is comparative to kneeling in church, and that people shouldn’t be offended.

“I’ll make one thing clear, it’s not about the symbology that people are mad about,” Foster said of kneeling, via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “It’s about the message and it’s about who’s saying it because if it’s about a knee that people are upset about, every Sunday, people of faith take a knee to give thanks to their Lord and Savior, whatever faith or whatever religion they are.”

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You can see the entire video of Foster’s comments below.

Foster said that most people who have a problem with the protest that was started by Colin Kaepernick, are having a problem with the protesters, not the fact that they’re taking a knee.

“It’s not about the knee, it’s not about the symbolism, it’s about the message,” Foster said.

Kaepernick’s protest went public on Aug. 26 after he refused to stand for the national anthem during the 49ers‘ third preseason game.


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