DEAR AMERICA: Should We Have More GUN CONTROL REGULATIONS When Flying With Our Firearms? Liberals Think That…

One had to guess this was coming. Now Liberals want to strictly prohibit the travel with firearms in an airport. For the uneducated, this might sound like a good idea. However, having some TSA agent determine what is a ‘legitimate reason’ for traveling with a gun doesn’t sound like it will prevent any shooting. Check it.


Esteban Ruiz Santiago, who is suspected of killing five people and wounding eight others at random during a shooting inside Florida’s Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport baggage claim area, made his first appearance in court Monday.

Security experts and lawmakers alike believe this incident exposed a flaw in airport protocol, warning travelers are sitting ducks, in part, because individuals can carry firearms and ammunition together.

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“The gaping holes in the above are the fact that ammunition is allowed to be in the same locked case as the firearm in most cases. Also, the luggage containing the firearm is placed with regular luggage with no ID verification to release the luggage. Luggage containing firearms should be treated like oversize baggage whereby the claimant must report to a separate area in baggage claim where they should be made to show their ID and paperwork to be reunited with their firearm,” David Hyde, security consultant and author of “Certified Threat & Risk Assessor,” told

Former director of the Detroit FBI, Andrew Arena agrees that this incident has “exploited a gap in the system.”

“I believe we need to review the process for traveling with a weapon, the person needs a valid reason,” he told “I agree that there needs to be a different area in which guns are received. Picking up a bag with other luggage and baby car seats seems absurd! Possibly, those bags are retrieved at a security office, where officers can observe behavior. Also, if ammo is allowed in the bag, the person needs to be escorted outside before they can retrieve it.”

Rafi Sela, CEO of AR Challenges – a transportation consulting firm – and former president of Israeli Homeland Security Industries says with the right system this incident could have been prevented.

“While there is no such thing as 100% security, I have been on record since 2004 blasting the TSA for no system. It is reacting to incidents rather than proactively planning for them. They are always fighting the last war,” Sela told


Gun Owners of America Executive Director Erich Pratt said in a statement that the problem isn’t allowing guns as checked items but rather how the shooter was able to empty his firearm — and pause to reload — without fear that anyone in that baggage area would be able to fire back.


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