DEAR AMERICA: Should Trump Have the DOJ Investigate The Liberals Threatening Electoral College Voters? [VIDEO]

Obama and Hillary should have denounced this behavior. Every Democrat should have denounced this. Yet, have we heard anything from the Left on this issue? If anyone has said anything, they’ve been awfully quite about it.

Arizona elector Robert Graham says the number of death threats made by Hillary Clinton supporters against Republican electors set to vote for Trump today should have prompted President Obama to publicly discourage such intimidation.

Appearing on Fox & Friends, Graham said that he was personally followed on two different occasions on the highway after receiving emails from individuals who said they knew his address and would be following him.

Asked why the Department of Justice hasn’t launched an investigation into the threats, Graham said he wasn’t surprised that they had shown no interest.

“Our president should stand out and say ‘hey stand down people, this is the process’….people are just standing back and letting this happen and it’s full on onslaught to where some of our electors, it’s actually affecting their health,” Graham told Steve Doocy.

Graham agreed with Doocy’s conclusion that “this was just a last chance for the sore losers to try to steal the election”.


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