DEAR AMERICA: Maxine, Nancy, Hillary Or Michelle — Who’s The WORST?

So, here we are. Posing a difficult question to you. One that will have you thinking all day.

We present to you four women. Now, we adore strong, smart, independent women here. We just don’t think these ladies fall under that category…

All are powerful, though. As much as we don’t want to admit it, they are.

And each one gets under your skin or leaves you shaking your head, wondering how she got to her place of power.

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We are talking about Maxine, Nancy, Hillary and Michelle.

And which one is the most annoying.

Let’s start off the decision-making process with a visual aid of all four women together. You know, to make it fair.


Good gracious!!

Sorry, seeing all four of them together sometimes makes my skin crawl.

Now that you’ve seen all four together, let’s check out each lady individually.

First up to bat, Michelle. She is the most recent first lady on this list, and she loves attention. She’d find something to scream at us about if we didn’t put her first.

Not that she has to look far. We are pretty open about our dislike for her.

So she would probably be very angry with us. Very…very angry…

Candy! We will give her chocolate, a girl’s real best friend!

Darn, we thought for sure that would work. Guess she’s still mad about her food plan being dismantled.

On to the next angry, bitter woman on this list. She too is a former first lady.

Get ready to boo because we are talking about Hillary Clinton!

Hillary is currently on her “It wasn’t my fault” tour promotional tour for her new book that is coming out soon. Because she is even more attention hungry than Michelle.

Shall we name all the odd, crazy, and annoying things Hillary has done?

This is the woman who once put on a fake accent and said “I don’t feel no ways tired” to a black church. The woman who claims to own responsibility for the failures of her campaign (after blaming Russia and sexism, of course). Who called half the country a basket of deplorables.

Such a likable woman…

It’s a wonder why she lost…

You see, she is owning responsibility for her loss by figuring out who caused her to lose.

Oh, okay. That makes a lot more sense…

Moving right along, we have Nancy Pelosi. The woman, with her silky, nails-on-a-chalkboard voice, has no problem telling others what to say (remember her “Tell them you’re a Muslim” moment?). But she can’t seem to figure out what to say herself…

Not to mention she’s still trapped in 2002, claiming Trump is Bush and all.

Maxine Waters! Did you know this lady is absolutely, utterly psycho?!

Here’s a snippet:


…Does she not know how abortion works? This is one that will have you scratching your head all day!

And then we have this gem. It speaks for itself!

Okay, ready to cast your vote? The decision is in your hands now!

And, to get everyone in the liberal mindset, ladies, in true liberal fashion, you are all winners in my heart!

h/t Clash Daily


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