DEAR AMERICA: Is This Woman Whispering and Checking Hillary’s Pulse Her Secret Doctor?

screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-11-49-41-amThe presence of a doctor means Hillary knew there was a risk to her health. But she just had to keep those appearances up, didn’t she? Also, did you know pneumonia is contagious? And Hillary walked right into a large crowd of people. Lovely.

Hillary Clinton is facing new questions over whether she brought a doctor or nurse to the 9/11 memorial where she collapsed.

The Democratic candidate had a woman at her side throughout her time there – and as she was escorted away, the woman appeared to check Clinton’s pulse.

The woman, who has not been identified, was also seen whispering in Clinton’s ear in a video taken of VIPs at the commemoration.

The presence of someone with medical training would raise concern that Clinton went to the event knowing her health was at risk.

She is already facing criticism for keeping her diagnosis with pneumonia two days earlier secret – and for her campaign taking hours to admit the truth.

The campaign’s changing story on Sunday saw aides claim first that she was ‘overheated’ and then that she was suffering because of heat and humidity – on a day in New York which other people thought was a pleasant late summer morning.

Finally, at 5pm on Sunday, there was an admission that she had pneumonia, which the campaign said had been diagnosed by her physician, Dr Lisa Bardack.

Dr Bardack does not appear to be the woman who was at Clinton’s side as she was escorted away from the memorial, although some Twitter users have suggested she was.

The dark-haired woman was accompanied by a Secret Service agent who is part of Clinton’s regular security detail as she helped Clinton away from the memorial, and towards the van waiting for her.

However, she is also not one of Clinton’s well-known aides often seen at her side, including Huma Abedin, her closest assistant.

The woman appears to have stood directly behind Clinton and whispered at length in her ear, video footage of the memorial service itself also discloses.

Twitter is alight with rumors that someone is keeping tabs on Clinton’s health at all times, and that the candidate may even be suffering neurological damage.

'Undercover': This photo appears to show a woman, described as an 'undercover nurse' checking Clinton's pulse prior to her collapse on Sunday, while Clinton clutches her heart

Rumors: Pictures apparently showing Clinton squeezing the woman's fingers also revived much derided rumors that Clinton is suffering from Parkinson's disease


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