Trump, by the looks of it, has a plausible chance of beating Hillary. Gary has zero chance. Put on your big kid pants and back the right candidate. Hillary in the White House would END America. Trump, we can keep accountable and raise hell if he doesn’t.

By Lee Enochs

The FBI’s recent public release of its report on the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s scandalous emails clearly demonstrates she lied about using a secret and private server to send out thousands of classified emails.

The FBI report has shown Clinton also withheld these emails from the State Department and that there is a great possibility that Clinton unlawfully destroyed federal records in the deleting of these mails.

The Clinton email controversy has all the marks of the next Watergate scandal and is eroding many American’s confidence in her basic personal honesty and integrity.

Yet, despite Clinton’s gross disregard of the law, the liberal media elite can only sing her praises and has reported very little on the ramifications of Clinton’s growing email scandal until now.

However, the gig is up for Clinton as many Americans are realizing they are on the verge of electing one of the most corrupt individuals ever to hold public office to the Presidency of the United States.

In the face of the growing concerns with Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, many Americans are taking a second look at Donald Trump who recently looked very presidential as he conducted a successful joint news conference with the President of Mexico.


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