Dear Gun Owners: This is Why You Put Your Gun in a Holster…

Most responsible gun owners know that if you’re carrying a firearm on your person, you put it in a holster. Simply tucking the gun in your waistband, like a real redneck, simply doesn’t cut it. You’re asking for an accident.

On Missouri gun owner apparently was clueless about this rule — or this was a ‘hold my beer’ moment.

The male in question was shopping at a grocery store in University City with a loaded gun (how else would it be?) tucked into his jeans at the waistband. Omitting the holster, Sir Dude’s handgun began sliding down his pant leg. Naturally that would happen if you’re gun isn’t in a holster. During his attempt to save himself, and keeping the gun from hitting the floor, the genius accidentally discharged a round; shooting his own leg.


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The bullet then ricocheted off the floor and stopped in the ceiling, where it was lodged. Lucky for num-nuts, no one else was hit. A nearby pedestrian was struck with debris, which is being assumed fell from the ceiling.

The man in question was taken to the hospital and treated for a non-life-threatening injury, according to police. He is being charged with one count of discharging a firearm.

Now, figure in the actual costs this man has to pay now for not buying a holster. The hospital fees, legal fees, as well as any other damages. Tally it all up and it the holster is probably cheaper.

Moral of the story is, buy a holster. It will save you a whole lot of trouble.


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