Dear Liberals: There is a DRASTIC Difference Between Melania Wearing the Christian Veil and NOT the Islamic Headscarf

Melania Trump has been labeled a lot of unpleasant things.

From a gold-digging hooker to an illiterate foreigner (she speaks five languages by the way). You name it, the liberals have called her it.

Good show of feminism, right…

Well, the first lady has come under fire again, this time for wearing the traditional black veil to the Vatican.

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The veil, called a mantilla, is part of the Vatican dress code, which asks women wear modest dresses below the knee and a veil over their hair while meeting the Pope.


CNN ran a story though, with the headline being “Melania Trump wears veil, but not a headscarf”.

They obviously had an issue with the black veil. Here’s the thing, in Saudi Arabia women are looked at as sub-human.

They are forced to wear the headscarf, no matter where they are. Melania only wore the veil when she met the Pope. The Catholic Church didn’t require her to wear it all around the Vatican.

And if you really want to get into the nitty gritty, Melania could have skipped out on the veil all together. Pope Frances has drastically loosened the dress code since becoming Pope (something Queen Elizabeth has taken full advantage of) but she chose to wear it. She had the choice. That’s something the women in Saudi Arabia don’t have.

The Hollywood Reporter was also quick to say, “Are all modest religious head coverings created equal? Not according to Melania and Ivanka Trump.”

So, it’s hypocritical to observe the clothing requests of a Christian church if you don’t bend over backwards to appease the requirements of a country that oppresses women?

But guess what, there was another First Lady in town. Michelle Obama was touring Tuscany this week while on vacation. Liberals, media, you might want to listen up.

When Melania has been nothing but modest for both religions (event the Arab newspapers called her “classy and conservative”), Michelle cannot say the same. She was walking around Tuscany and decided to visit Siena Cathedral. Check out what she was wearing.


Now, the media can say the Michelle looks cute or in style. (The Daily Mail hailed Michelle’s outfit as “flirty” and “glamorous.”) But the truth of the matter is, that’s going against all the dress codes of the church.

According to Vatican rules (and the general rules of decency), women are to cover their shoulders when entering a church. I’m pretty sure they are also against shirts that are about to fall off the moment the wind picks up.

Now, you can wear whatever your church allows, it doesn’t matter to us. But the MSM is upset that Melania chose which religious attire she wanted to follow. Where is the outrage for Michelle who did the same thing?

She’s Obama’s wife, and that means you’re racist or hate America or something like that, if you criticize her.

Makes a lot of sense…


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