Dear Mysoginist Men, Don’t Call Women ‘Brilliant’ or ‘A Genius’ Because SEXISM!!!

People loved to be showered with compliments! You call someone “brilliant” or even “genius”, a smile will appear on their face.


That sort of language is sexist, don’t you know?

Cambridge University professors were told they should not use those words because they’re associated with men…

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Okay, let’s just forget that Madam Marie Curie won the Nobel Prize – twice – for physics and chemistry. Obviously, she’s no genius. She was just…um…super smart?

The Independent reports, “Lucy Delap, a lecturer in British History at the top-ranking institution, said History tutors are discouraged from using the terms because they ‘carry assumptions of gender inequality.'”

She told The Telegraph: “Some of those words, in particular genius, have a very long intellectual history where it has long been associated with qualities culturally assumed to be male.”

“Some women are fine with that, but others might find it hard to see themselves in those categories.”

Dr Delap, who specialises in gender history, said one of the reasons why men get more first class degrees at Oxford and Cambridge than women is because female students struggle with the “male dominated environment.”

She pointed towards reading lists dominated by male authors and the lack of diversity seen in college portrait collections as examples.

Some faculty ripped the directive, saying that it risked implying that women were the “weaker sex.”

The Telegraph reported earlier this week that Amanda Foreman, a historian who is writing The World Made By Women, said the move was “well intentioned” yet insulting to women.

“Ms Foreman said the reason why men outperform women in their degrees is because young men are encouraged to be risk takers, while young women particularly at school are encouraged to be conformist. ‘A first class degree is awarded on basis of whether ideas are fresh and new — risk taking behaviour takes you to that point,’ she said.”

The Daily Wire

So, what did we learn? Calling women “brilliant” or “geniuses” is demeaning and incredibly sexist.



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