DEAR PATRIOT: Are You in LOVE With Melania Trump? More Than HALF of America is Saying YES!

Step aside Michelle, there’s a new lady in town. The somewhat private first lady has brought a lot of class and elegance to the White House and people are liking it. How about you?

By Jill Cueni-Cohen

Nearly two months into her husband’s presidency, Melania Trump is finally coming into her own as a beloved first lady, according to a report from Daily Mail on Sunday which said that her approval ratings have “soared from 36 percent to 52 percent.”

A well-received speech she gave on Wednesday to “high-powered women” in honor of International Women’s Day marked the first lady’s “coming out,” said the report, noting that Mrs. Trump is spending more time in Washington now after spending the first weeks of her husband’s presidency “hunkered down at the family’s midtown Manhattan penthouse.”

Data from a new CNN/ORC poll conducted March 1-4 revealed that 52 percent of Americans are favorable towards Melania, which is up from the 36 percent approval rating she received in the early weeks of 2017. The data was collected before she hosted her International Women’s Day luncheon, which was the first event she has hosted on her own in her new role as the first lady.

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Attending the luncheon were approximately 50 women, “including ambassadors, Cabinet members, at least one U.S. senator, and stepdaughter Ivanka Trump.”

“I will work alongside you in ensuring that the gender of one’s birth does not determine one’s treatment in society,” she reportedly told guests. She also asked for suggestions regarding ways to empower women and girls worldwide.


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