Dear President Obama: Stand Your Ground vs Duty To Flee

mr prezDear President Obama,

I’m so glad we finally agree on something. You asked for a discussion about the “Stand Your Ground” laws and I have to say, I have long been looking forward to having an honest conversation with you about this. On the surface, “Stand Your Ground” laws seem to have mixed results with gun homicides slightly increasing in a few places while slightly decrease in others. Yet when you take a look at who is killing who, the number of good guys shooting bad guys roughly doubles!

With Stand Your Ground it’s no longer mostly bad guys shooting other bad guys, and bad guys shooting good guys, but rather a substantial amount of good guys shooting bad guys. In case you misunderstand Mr. President, this is a good thing. When the justice system fails us, concealed carry and the Stand Your Ground law are all that is left to help citizens againsy criminals .

Where Stand Your Ground laws are allowed other violent crime rates are lower, as opposed to places with the fatuous “Duty To Flee” law, which shows an increase in all types of crimes, likely due to emboldened criminals who view the law as a license to commit crime. The victims in “Duty To Flee” areas are reluctant to defend themselves for fear that THEY will be the ones prosecuted as a result of the crime, and are burdened further by only being permitted to run, comply, die, or all three.

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The justice system failed Treyvon Martin, but not in the George Zimmerman Trial. Our justice system caused the death of this young man by allowing him to continue prowling the streets, when he should have been in jail due to several accounts of drug, theft, and many of the other crimes he was simply given a pass on.

Unfortunately for him, it then fell upon George Zimmerman to be the one to administer real justice. Although Zimmerman’s acquittal means he is no longer headed for prison because of his actions, the “just-us” system failed him as well by giving him a brutal social lynching. (For more examples of the criminal-tactics used by the media against Zimmerman, this video by AfterBurner sums it up in 10 minutes.)

The profiling of young black males has very little to do with the color of their skin. What matters most is a person’s behavior, speech, apparel, and choices: a person’s character, as Martin Luther King, Jr. would say. You seem to have the impression that these black youths are innocent victims, wrongly targeted by a prejudice society because of complexion.

I guarantee you, Mr. President, a person of any skin color that behaves, speaks, dresses, and acts in the same manner as a wanna be “gangstah” will be profiled just the same. This reputation was earned. Think about it, a clean cut young black man, dressed appropriately and not behaving suspiciously would not receive a second glance, and especially not from George Zimmerman.

When the justice system has failed to protect it’s citizens, as it has in the case of Martin and Zimmerman and thousands of others daily, it becomes inherently necessary for the citizens to protect themselves. The American citizens need Stand Your Ground for the protection of their life, their liberty, and their pursuit of happiness.

Thank you so much for asking!


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