DEAR RICKY GERVAIS: I Hunted A Giraffe, Here’s Why And What Happened Afterwards


Conservation of a species by far is best done through the hunting and cultivation of the heard. Every thing needs to be managed; from your nose hairs to brown bears.

Comedian Ricky Gervais burned up social media yesterday by putting out a pic of huntress Rebecca Francis smiling and lying next to a giraffe she had hunted in Africa. Gervais, for those not in the know, asked Francis via Twitter, ‘“What must’ve happened to you in your life to make you want to kill a beautiful animal & then lie next to it smiling?”

Ricky, I can’t tell you what happened to Rebecca in her life and why she’s smiling and lying next to the giraffe because I ain’t Miss Francis, but I will do a little ‘show and tell’ of my hunt and the taking of a massive bull giraffe in Zimbabwe back in 2013. BTW, giraffes are not endangered. With that said… check this out.

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1. Ricky, here’s a pic of me and my Professional Hunter after we shot this ancient bull. BTW, the bull’s stomach was covered in nasty-ass scar tissue from lions who had been trying to eat him for what looked like many, many years.

What on earth happened in the lions’ lives that they would try to kill a giraffe? Y’know what’s interesting, RG? The anti’s would rather this old bull be slowly eaten alive by a pride of lions rather than shot and killed after it is past its breeding prime. How quaint, eh?


2. Ricky, please note that under the bull’s gorgeous hide (also known as leather… that I kept versus leaving to rot in a field like the lions do) is this thing called meat. Poor tribes love meat. It helps ‘em stay alive. Also, please note this is just a few of the African men we employed.


3. In this pic, Ricky, the African trackers begin to process the bull’s massive ribs. Do you like ribs, Ricky? Those aren’t baby back ribs, right?

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