DEAR SNOWFLAKES: Guess Which Former Nazi is Connected to Every Major RIOT Since November

If you said George Soros, you’d be correct. He has now been connected to the UC Berkeley riots.

The left-wing group that helped organize the violent shut down of the Milo Yiannopoulos event at the University of California, Berkeley on Wednesday is backed by a progressive charity that is in turn funded by George Soros, the city of Tucson, a major labor union and several large companies.

And why shouldn’t he team up with the school? They love him so much! In 2004 they awarded Soros with the Chancellor’s Distinguished Honor Award. Warning, this might make your blood boil.

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Might does not make right, and therefore the United States has committed a tremendous mistake in using its military supremacy to force democracy on Iraq. That was the blunt critique of the Bush Administration that billionaire financier and munificent philanthropist George Soros delivered to a packed audience at UC Berkeley last night.

The Hungarian-born Soros, whose personal experience with fascist and totalitarian regimes has informed his decades-long approach to promoting open societies around the world, has now turned his attention on his own adopted democracy. America’s recent foreign policy justifying preemptive strikes — but only those by America — has undermined the legitimacy of U.S. supremacy, Soros said, while the branding of American protesters as unpatriotic undermines the foundations of our democracy.

The award recognized Soros’s “tireless efforts as a philanthropist,” in particular through his Open Society Institute and other organizations that support projects in areas such as education, public health, and civil-society development.

Now we did say every protest and, to the best of our knowledge, this is true. Remember the airport riots a week ago? Yep, he has ties to those. And the ‘Women’s Protests’ you ask? Well, he has ties to not one, but FIFTY groups that participated in the march. And we all know about his ties to the election recount and BLM riots.

Looks like some liberals need to do some fact checking before they sling insults around.


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