DEAR WHITE DEVILS: You Can’t Call Black Rioters ‘Thugs’ Any Longer

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 7.47.32 AMPolitical correctness at a new low. Check out Doug Giles’ latest!

You know who hated the Baltimore riots this past week more than anyone else?  Bruce Jenner, that’s who.  I guarantee he was ticked after all the orchestrated Diane Sawyer hullabaloo of how he loves to strut around in Donna Karan evening wearon Friday nights with just his “close friends” got drowned out by Baltimore snappin’, cracklin’ and poppin’.

Yep, Jenner was so ticked I heard he had to have an emergency mani-pedi spa day and a little Lane Bryant retail therapy just to chillax. Which is completely normal according to they and them, so don’t laugh and definitely don’t judge.

By the way, and y’all help me with my troglodytic ignorance, why would a handsome man want to look like an ugly, big shouldered, strudel-Hun, huh?  We may never truly know.  I guess we can add that ditty to the other mysteries of the universe.  Any way … back to last week’s riots.

As much as the riots probably made Jenner a Sad Sack for selfish, tyranny-business reasons, I bet the riots also made Hillary one happy, serial, BS-artist.

Think about it: Just as the NYT, SNL and CNN were hot on her slim shady slime trail of corrupt cash, lawyer tricks, email BS and weapons grade Hildebeest Tomfoolery, BOOM … Baltimore is burnin’!  Hallelujah! Salvation! I bet that old, corrupt Jezebel was so happy she cooked up two batches of witch’s brew in celebration of the mayhem the thugs wrought last week in the Orioles’ home town.

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