DEATH BLOW TO ISRAEL: Check Out What Iran and Russia Just Did

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 7.04.04 AMAnd our president is somewhat responsible for this too.

It wasn’t supposed to be until year five that Iran would be able to buy or sell conventional weapons — yep, I’m laughing as well. The ink has barely dried, and next week Russia will be going through with selling the highly effective S-300 anti-aircraft missile system to Iran.

Of course this is the result of Vladimir Putin lifting the ban on the sale. But so what? After all, President Obama has already signed an agreement with the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism. I guess this is just another example of Obama’s “flexibility” after reelection. I’m quite sure this will make another great exhibit in the billion-dollar Obama presidential library.

As reported by Fox News, “Despite a ban on arms shipments to Iran under international sanctions, Russia appears willing to proceed with the sale of advanced S-300 surface-to-air missiles to the country — in a development triggering objections from the Obama administration. “We have long expressed our concerns over reports of the possible sale of this missile system to the Iranians,” Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis told Fox News.

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Russia, along with the U.S. and others, was a party to the recently struck Iran nuclear agreement, which keeps the arms embargo in place for five more years. A State Department official told Fox News this specific S-300 missile system is not technically prohibited under United Nations sanctions or the nuclear deal. But the department does not want the sale to proceed. “We certainly object to it,” department spokesman John Kirby told reporters.”

Former U.S. Navy Admiral Kirby’s comment reminds me of another Naval officer who objected — Demi Moore’s character in “A Few Good Men” when she “strenuously objected” after her objection had been overruled. And so that’s just the way it is, the Obama administration objects and Putin overrules.

And how many more “loopholes” – er, excuses, will the Obama administration find in order to dismiss what is happening before our eyes? Iran is openly and obviously seeking to become a military power.

Here is simple southern logic: if there is an international ban on arms shipments to Iran for another five years, then how is this weapon system “not technically prohibited?” Are we supposed to be so stupid to believe that United Nations sanctions are different from international sanctions?

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