‘DEATH TO YOU COWARD’: Service Man Found Chilling Note on his Car that Only a Radical Muslim Could Have Left

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 11.19.00 AMI hope they find the prick who left this note. The threat is real in the US, people. Keep your guns at hand.

A chilling note was left on a serviceman’s car blasting him for being a ‘coward women child killer who Mohammad will show no mercy too.’

The frightening note was found on the windshield of the car owned by a serviceman near Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Marietta, Georgia on Wednesday.

It also promised revenge for U.S. military involvement in the Middle East and said that ‘attacks will come full force’ and ‘death is to come to you’.

The note, which is written all in lower case, appears to be a reproduction of one that has been posted to military Facebook pages, MyFoxAtlanta reports.

It reads: ‘dear american soldier, death to you coward women child killer and all the american military Mohammad will show no mercy on you attacks will come full forced death is to come to you.’

Cobb County Police Department is currently investigating who may have put the note on the car, and for exactly what reason.

Police said that the victim might have been targeted because his license plate identified him as a service member, making this a potential target for terrorism.

Authorities have not said what branch of the military the service personnel was from or where he worked in the local area. But the note was found on Powers Ferry Road.

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