Death Valley: 5 Women Have Vanished off ‘Route 29 Corridor’, UVA Student Hannah Graham Among Them

1410993981698_wps_43_Missing_Girls_Locator_MapI can’t imagine the anguish all these parents have gone through and are going through. Ladies, arm yourselves always! You never know when you’ll need to fight for your life.

Missing student Hannah Graham is one of five young women to have disappeared from the Charlottesville area in the past five years within a few minutes’ drive of the same Route 29 highway, it emerged on Wednesday.

As the FBI, police and volunteers continue their desperate search for the 18-year-old and her parents said they fear ‘foul play’, the mother of one of the young women who vanished said the worry of not knowing is the hardest part to bear.

Gil Harrington suffered months of despair after her 20-year-old daughter Morgan disappeared from UVA in October 2009 while attending a rock concert.

Her body was not recovered until three months later, hidden at a remote farm. She had been raped before she was murdered.

Mrs Harrington told MailOnline: ‘The missing time is the hardest. You have no answers and you fill in the blanks in a horrible way.

‘It’s much worse having a missing daughter than knowing she is dead. There are rituals for death. There are no cards for “sorry about your missing child”. You go from hope to despair. It’s hideous.

‘My heart goes out to Hannah’s family.’

Mrs Harrington, 57, from Roanake added: ‘I hope and pray that Hannah is somewhere and is recoverable and will come walking through the door with a sheepish look on her face any moment now.

‘That’s my hope. But my logic tells me that is unlikely to happen. I’m really holding out hope that we can have a good outcome.’

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