DECIMATED: Half of ISIS Top Commanders Believed to be Dead, Jihadi John Still on the Loose

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Jihadi John’s days are numbered.

The Islamic State’s leadership in Syria and Iraq has been decimated by months of sustained air strikes, leaving the terror group in chaos and isolating leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, it is claimed.

Allied airstrikes, including those carried out by British warplanes, have killed more than 6,000 fighters since September, including more than half the militants serving on ISIS’ ruling council.

Among the dead jihadis is Abu Muslim al-Turkmani, a former Iraqi army lieutenant colonel considered Baghdadi’s number two and ISIS’ most senior militant in Iraq.

His death and that of as many as nine others on ISIS’ 18-man leadership council have forced Baghdadi to promote local warlords to the status of regional commanders, as his inner circle of trusted advisers and battle-hardened loyalists becomes increasingly small.

Baghdadi has not been seen in public since July and there have been numerous unconfirmed reports that he suffered serious injury or possibly even death as a result of targeted airstrikes.

The likelihood, however, is that Baghdadi has been forced deep into hiding to avoid being targeted by jets that have destroyed more than 1,000 vehicles used by terrorists over the past five months.

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