Decision Time In Virginia: Don’t Let it Turn into Another New York

Roanoke,_Virginia_at_nightVirginia is at a crossroads. Over the past several years, the people of Virginia have been blessed with conservative leaders: Governor Bob McDonnell , Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling, and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. Together, these three courageous individuals have countered the onslaught of anti-Second Amendment libertards from both Northern Virginia and out of state.

Back in 2007, when Bob McDonnell was Attorney General, anti-gun crusader and Mayor of NYC Michael Bloomberg sent his “investigators” to Virginia (as he did to Nevada and elsewhere) to attempt to make illegal straw purchases to somehow demonstrate that New York gun crime was not the fault of New Yorkers but of those bad Virginians (the “It was Bush’s fault” syndrome, popular in libertard circles).

Convinced that illegal gun sales in Virginia contribute to violent crime in his city, Bloomberg has been arming private investigators with hidden cameras and sending them into Virginia gun stores to try to make illegal buys, reported the Washington Post. The process involves “straw purchases,” in which one person legally fills out a form and buys a gun for someone else.

Fortunately, the Republican-controlled General Assembly of Virginia intervened. The House and Senate overwhelmingly approved a law that says Virginia or federal law enforcement officials have to be present before such stings can be conducted. Gov. Timothy M. Kaine (D) (surprisingly) signed the law in March. McDonnell (R) then sent Bloomberg what amounted to a cease-and-desist letter advising Bloomberg and his agents that they could be charged with a felony if they continued to target Virginia gun dealers with undercover sting operations. In an earlier era, they would have been tarred, feathered, and sent back to New York on a rail.

All that could change in a matter of weeks. Nanny Bloomberg is back, looking for revenge. has just revealed that the billionaire New York City mayor’s money will be laundered through his anti-gun Independence USA PAC into television commercials attacking Cuccinelli and supporting Terry McAuliffe in the D.C. market.

McAuliffe, another anti-gun Clinton operative and Chairman of the DNC, has been courting Bloomberg’s favor over the past months. According to Politico, “McAuliffe is unapologetic about his support for stricter gun laws, including an assault weapons ban, universal background checks, limiting the size of magazines and preventing people from buying more than one gun a month. He would unquestionably be a close Bloomberg ally should he win. Bloomberg (who never met an anti-gun politician he didn’t want to support) has spent more than $15 million on various gun control initiatives. He just spent $1 million helping elect Newark Mayor Cory Booker to a U.S. Senate seat in last Wednesday’s New Jersey special election to replace the late Frank Lautenberg, long a champion of gun control measures.”

Bloomberg’s largesse, by the way, is made possible by the McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform Act, which like so much ill-conceived legislation, has had the opposite effect of that which it was supposed to have. In this case, it has made possible the formation of Political Action Committees which can spend unlimited amounts of money and which do not have to report the source of that money. You can thank Senator McCain for this piece of legislation, which further supports his nomination for Dolt of the Year, as if that nomination needed any more justification. But I digress.

The handwriting is on the wall. The election in Virginia coming up on November 5 is absolutely critical for gun owners in Virginia. Why are these elections important? The Virginia Citizens’ Defense League today explained as follows.

The Governor – McAuliffe could veto any and all pro-gun legislation, which would be unlikely to be overridden given the very close division of the legislature. Back when Kaine was Governor, he told the State Parks to ignore an Attorney General’s opinion that said open carry could not be banned in State Parks. After Governor McDonnell took office, he reversed that order, making open carry legal there.

 Lieutenant Governor – In Virginia, the Lt. Governor votes to break a tie in the Senate any time that occurs. As our Senate is divided 50:50, that is extremely important, and the Lt. Governor essentially decides the way a bill will go. Obviously, an anti-gun Lt. Governor could shoot down pro-gun legislation or uphold anti-gun legislation.

Attorney General – The Attorney General does two important things. First, he issues opinions that interpret the law. For example, Attorney General Cuccinelli issued an opinion that handguns can be stored in an “unlocked” glove box or console by a non-CHP holder. He also issued an opinion that carrying for self-defense meets the “good and sufficient” requirement for carry in a church during a service (which, considering world events seems like a very likely spot for a terrorist attack). Second, the Attorney General’s opinions carry a lot of weight with state and local government agencies, so he can mitigate anti-gun sentiment and policies.

Obviously delegates are critical as well, as we need all the pro-gun votes possible to pass important legislation and to prevent the passage of anti-gun statutes.

Make no mistake – Bloomberg and the democrat power structure (Hillary, for example, will stump for McAuliffe, rumored to be part of a deal for him to run for VP with her in 2016, Heaven forbid) are throwing everything, including huge sums of money, to turn Virginia into a Blue state. That is clearly not the will of the people of Virginia, but when did the democrat power structure care about something as trivial as the will of the people?

This election is all about turning the rest of Virginia into another Northern Virginia, which most Virginians wish would secede as West Virginia did years ago. It is no secret that Obama and his fellow libertards are going all out to turn America into a gunless society, except of course for Homeland Security and the rest of Obama’s goons, and for criminals who couldn’t care less about gun legislation.

It is absolutely imperative, and the duty of every Virginian, to take a few minutes to stop by their local polling place on November 5th and cast a vote for Ken Cuccinelli for Governor, E.W. Jackson for Lieutenant Governor, and Mark Obenshain for Attorney General. If you do not, you will have nobody but yourself to blame when Virginia becomes another New York.


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