Defend Yourself: Oklahoma is Ok with You Defending Yourself, Passes Important Self-Defense Bills

happy with gunYesterday, House Bill 3510, legislation introduced by House Speaker Jeffrey Hickman (R-58) and Senator Brian Bingman (R-12) to address Governor Mary Fallin’s (R) veto of House Bill 2539, passed in the Oklahoma House of Representatives by an 83 to 8 vote.

Pro-gun House Bill 2614, legislation that authorizes concealed handgun license holders to store their handgun in a locked vehicle in school parking lots, also passed yesterday in the state House by an 83 to 6 vote.

HB 3510 makes a necessary amendment to Oklahoma Statute Title 21 § 733, which at this time permits the use of deadly force to defend only “one’s self, his or her husband, wife, parent, child, master, mistress, or servant.”

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