DEFENSE CLAIMS INSANITY: American Sniper’s Killer, Eddy Ray Routh, Claimed Legally Insane as Defense Rests their Case

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That is the only card they could play and I don’t think it’s going to work.

The real story of American sniper Chris Kyle continues, with 27-year-old Eddie Ray Routh on trial for killing former Navy Seal Kyle and Routh’s friend Chad Littlefield. Routh’s lawyers rested their case Friday. They say he was legally insane when he shot Kyle and Littlefield to death at the Rough Creek Lodge Shooting Range on Feb. 2 2013.

An expert for the prosecution denied it.

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Dr. Randall Price, a forensic psychologist, testified Friday that Routh had a paranoid disorder made worse by his use of alcohol and marijuana, calling his condition “cannabis-induced psychosis.”

“In my opinion, he did know what he was doing was wrong, and he did it anyway,” Price said.

A defense witness, Dr. Mitchell H. Dunn, testified Thursday that Routh had schizophrenia and showed signs of the illness for as long as two years before the 2013 shootings. Dunn said Routh described seeing neighbors and friends as turning into pig-human hybrids.

Price repeatedly accused Routh of “setting the stage” for an insanity defense. He suggested Routh may have gotten the idea from Seinfeld or the TV show Boss Hog. In a Seinfeld episode, one character, Kramer, believes he has discovered a “pig-man.”

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