DEFIANT TO THE END: Peter Kassig Reportedly Refused to Read Jihadist Speech Before He was Murdered By ISIS


Peter Kassig was very courageous to not comply with ISIS’s demands. The only westerner left in captivity now is a 26-year-old woman. Not much is known on her, except that she was an aid worker.

Murdered ISIS hostage Peter Kassig may have refused to read a speech condemning the West prepared by his captors before they killed him, it has been suggested.

Kassig, an aid worker who was captured in Syria, could have known his execution was coming, and denied his captors the satisfaction of repeating their words on camera, an insider suggested.

Speculation about his last moments came after ISIS released a video, verified by the White House as genuine, showing Kassig’s decapitated head.

The video differs starkly from previous ISIS execution films, and does not show any part of the killing itself.

The latest killing means ISIS has killed all of its American hostages bar one – an unnamed, 26-year-old woman.

Little is known about her except that she is an aid worker, was captured in Syria last year, and that ISIS have reportedly demanded $6million for her release.

The figure is low compared to previous demands, which have exceeded $100million. But it is unlikely to make a difference given the government’s long-standing refusal to negotiate with terrorists.

The video, which emerged Sunday, has prompted a fresh wave of analysis, potentially implying that Kassig was defiant to the end.

In previous films showing victims including James Foley and David Haines, captives kneeled in the sand and spoke out in favor of the so-called Islamic State before being killed.

The speeches, given under obvious duress, have previously criticized the victim’s government – British of American – either on their broader foreign policy, refusals to negotiate with ISIS, specific military action such as air strikes.

Kassig’s video featured no such segment, despite being longer than previous clips, prompting speculation that the filming was less straightforward than usual.

A source speaking to the Daily Beast, who has experience of hostage negotiations, said: ‘I suspect that Pete knew this was coming and that he refused to talk.’

It was also suggested that Kassig, who converted to Islam around the time of his capture, could have frustrated his captives by insisting on reciting from the Qur’an.

In the video itself an ISIS figure acknowledges the difference, saying Kassig had ‘little to say’.

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