DEFIANT TRUMP IN OHIO: ‘We Are Going to Unite the Country’, Dismisses Chicago Protests

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 11.02.49 AMDid the rally chaos in Chicago last night give more momentum to the Trump train? Sure seems that way.

Donald Trump addressed crowds in Ohio Saturday to condemn last night’s bloody scenes as ‘disgusting’, saying it would have been a ‘tremendous rally’ but descended into violence because of what he called a ‘planned attack’ by ‘professional wiseguys’.

But his speech was disturbed after one crowd member tried to rush the stage and threw an object causing four bodyguards to quickly leap to the stage in his aid.

The Republican candidate looked visible rattled as the offending person was escorted out.

In his first official address since last night’s Chicago rally, which went into melt down after bloody brawls and loud demonstrations broke out amid racial tensions, he went on to defend his ‘nice’ supporters and blamed Obama for ‘dividing the country’.

As the dust settled in Chicago, hundreds gathered in Wright Brothers Aero Hangar near Dayton, many of whom had queued since midnight last night and packed out the venue to full capacity.

The billionaire businessman denounced Obama’s leadership for ‘dividing America’, despite the obvious division seen between the 10, 000 protesters and Trump supporters seen in Chicago last night.

He referred to a border that is like a piece of ‘Swiss cheese’ as one of the factors that has ‘divided the country, black versus white, income groups and congress’.

He then pointed to the back of the room: ‘And if there’s a group over there, let’s just throw them out’, amid cheers from the crowd. Several people were escorted out during Trump’s address.

Trump also addressed his rivals, who were quick to denounce last night’s scenes as a result of the ‘toxic environment’ that he has created.

He said: ‘I watched little Marco and Liar Ted… They said: “At our rallies we would never have anything like that”

But they don’t have any people at their rallies ! No one cares! Their rallies are called Town hall meetings because about four people show up.’

He added: ‘They wan’t me to stand up today and tell my people to be nice, my people are nice!

‘They were taunted, they were harassed. A lot of those represented Bernie, our Communist friend. Not too many Hillary – no fervor.’

But those who were expecting the Republican candidate to extend a peace offering, will have been disappointed.

Trump showed no signs of backing down on his most divisive policy: The building of a wall around the border of Mexico.

He said: ‘We have people that are so amazing, loyal to the country and want to see things happen.

They want great security, strong military, care for our vets… they want a border and they want a wall!’

The jubilant crowd then erupted into cheers and began chanting: ‘Build a wall! Build a wall!’

To which Trump replied: ‘We will build a wall don’t you worry folks.’

The GOP front-runner is scheduled to campaign Saturday in Ohio — Dayton and Cleveland — before an evening event in Kansas City, Missouri.

Trump also responded to last night’s Chicago rally meltdown earlier today, condemning yesterday’s ‘thugs’ for ‘energizing America’.

His tweet: ‘The organized group of people, many of them thugs, who shut down our First Amendment rights in Chicago, have totally energized America!’

Last night saw unprecedented scenes inside the University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion between an anti-Trump mob and Chicagoans who came to hear the Republican front-runner speak.

Chicago police say two officers were injured when supporters during the clashed with protesters Friday after he abruptly canceled a campaign rally.

Police say the two officers were taken to a hospital for treatment and released.

While outside, an impatient group of thousands more massed. Temperatures rose.

Around 10, 000 protesters were to said to have RSVP’d to the event.

Multiple law enforcement sources told that there was a credible threat against Trump from groups of protesters who planned to storm the stage.

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