DEFYING ODDS: Docs Say Baby’s Condition was ‘Incompatible With Life’, but the Little Infant Did Something that Amazed Everyone

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This little baby is an overcomer before she can speak! Great and powerful story.

Sarah Rodriguez ducked into the bathroom for what she thought would be one last prayer for her baby girl, Ellis.

“Lord, I will let her go. But if there’s any way, any way at all, please let her live,” she prayed.

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It was a prayer she didn’t think would be answered. Sarah prayed a similar prayer just the year before in hopes of a miracle for her husband, Joel, who died from a series of strokes following his battle with cancer. He was 35.

She wasn’t sure she could believe in miracles after that, she said as she sat, calm and focused in a local coffee shop telling her story.

Doctors took 1-month-old Ellis off her ventilator, which she wasn’t even taking breaths from anymore, as Sarah held her skin to skin. She wasn’t sure how much longer she would have with her “beauty from the ashes.”

Ellis was conceived after her father died. Sarah and Joel had been trying to have a baby before he was diagnosed with cancer four years ago. He went through a year of chemotherapy and it seemed to help. He went into remission.

After that, the two did a fertility treatment and had their first child, Milo. But then the cancer came back. Another year of chemotherapy and surgery to remove the cancer was unsuccessful. Joel died July 23, 2013.

With embryos still left over, Sarah decided to go ahead and put them in and “leave it up to the Lord,” she said.

“She was a miracle just from the start. So beautiful,” Sarah said. “She was the beauty from the ashes.”

Ellis was born Nov. 6. Two weeks later, Sarah found her warm and lethargic. Clocking in a body temperature of 101 degrees, Sarah took Ellis to the emergency room at Norman Regional Hospital.

“She almost completely stopped breathing,” Sarah said.

That’s when they took Ellis to Children’s Hospital. Her breathing was so low that they had to put her on a ventilator. Tests were done and Sarah found out that her baby girl had bacterial meningitis and sepsis shock.

As time went on, Ellis wasn’t improving. She had severe swelling to the brain. Then she stopped taking breaths off the ventilator and the decision was made that they would take Ellis off of it.

Waiting in the ICU was something Sarah had just been through the year before. She had to go through it with her husband, and now she was there again with her daughter. Sarah said it was like it was happening all over again.

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