Delta Airlines Kicks Ann Coulter Out of Her Seat and Boy Was That the Wrong Decision…

Political commentator Ann Coulter is known to be quick witted, with no filter.

She is not what you would describe as a delicate flower.

So when Delta Airlines decided to kick the 6ft. tall, out spoken blonde out of her pre-booked comfort seat she had a few things to say about it.

Ann went on an epic rant on Twitter, with 1.6 Million followers, and I’m sure the people on the plane got an earful too.

Then Ann started snapping pics.

Her next tweet read: “Why are you taking me out of the extra room seat I specifically booked?’’ Coulter asked the attendant.

[Including a photo of a flight attendant in the tweet]

The woman replied, “I don’t know.”


Wrong answer.

And the chick who was taking Ann’s seat didn’t escape the commentator’s wrath either. Coulter published a photo of the woman, who seems a bit annoyed.

The series of tweets did not stop.

She continued the thrashing…

Hours later…

She continued.

Ironically, leftist critics of Delta all of a sudden came to the airline’s rescue.

Her supporters, however, pushed back.

The airline did tweet an apology to Ann, signed by “HJB”, but has it come a little too late?


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