Democrat Lectures Young Woman About How to Handle Her Healthcare Choices

There was a time not too long ago when feminists and liberals within the Democratic Party condemned men for telling women how to handle their healthcare choices. In fact, President Obama got re-elected thanks to the argument, “Don’t let Republicans let the government get between you and your doctor.”

With the Obamacare rollout continuing to fail and as millions of women start to lose their health insurance plans, times have changed and it’s now acceptable for Democratic men to lecture women about exactly how they should handle their healthcare needs. Last Friday night onHannity, 29-year-old Natalie Willis told her personal story about losing a health insurance plan in the individual market place that she loved, despite President Obama promising she could keep it. Thanks to Obamacare, Willis will now pay more money for the same amount of coverage under a different plan.

“This is what I have to say: If I wanted a plan that covered more, I would have gotten a plan that covered more,” Willis said. “I love the insurer I had, I would be heart broken to leave them. People don’t love their insurers, I love my insurance and I love my doctors.”

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The patronizing response to her story from Democratic strategist Rick Ungar is telling. Ungar argues Willis simply didn’t know what was in her plan and implied she hadn’t done the proper …

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