Democrats Rule of Thumb: You Hate “Poor People” If You Want them to be Financially Independent

thumbSo it’s time for me to be accused of “hating poor people.” Every time anyone speaks out about changing current practices, the liberals whine that we hate people. I don’t hate people, but I sure hate a government that “trains” people to become dependent. So why do liberals and Democrats scream that we hate poor people every time we start talking about getting away from government dependence?

It’s not because they are concerned about the poor – it’s because it threatens THEIR political futures. They have to attack the messenger in order to get dependent people and independent thinkers from listening to our words because it might make them actually THINK and they may actually realize who is really making their lives hard.

Many people, myself included, have needed help at one time or another in their lives to make it through financially. Several years ago, this kind of help was temporary, to make it through a rough time. Help was never intended to be full-time income. Somehow that has changed.

Our government has manipulated and bullied Americans into more and more taxes in order to “help” people. Most people give to their favorite charity but that’s not good enough for our government because they need Americans to be dependent in order to assure their own continued re-election. In my opinion, that’s the two choices of why this has happened – either we blame the poor for adopting the entitlement attitude or we blame government for deliberating training people to be dependent.

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My vote goes to blaming the government. People simply respond in a way that best provides for their needs. And I believe our government knows, understands, and deliberately uses that in order to train people so that the politicians can meet their own selfish desires. “Poor” people are simply pawns in their game.

So let’s talk about what all people can get from government programs as well as charities:

1.      Free breakfasts

2.      Free lunches

3.      Food stamp card

4.      Medical coverage

5.      Pregnancy assistance

6.      Family planning

7.      Free cell phone

8.      Low-cost internet

9.      Free computers

10.  Energy assistance

11.  Housing rental assistance

12.  Free school supplies

13.  Free school clothes

14.  WIC (Women, Infants, and Children program – more food)

15.  Free summer meals at local schools.

16.  Free preschool (Head Start, ECEAP, Early Head Start)

17.  Reduced child care costs

18.  College tuition assistance

19.  Thanksgiving dinner (provided by charities)

20.  Adopted by a family at Christmas (provided by charities) – everything provided, from presents to meals

They also get discounts on many other activities because if they qualify for free/reduced lunches they qualify for many other things to be covered or offered at a reduced price.

Yet our government berates us for not doing more, not wanting to give more of our hard-earned money through higher taxes. We aren’t giving our “fair share.” This isn’t enough? What exactly should people spend their “own” money on?

As we seem to be moving towards a part-time workforce because of Obamacare, if so many people are eligible to receive all these free or reduced price things, does anyone really think they would be willing to go back to work full time if they lost all of the freebies? Many working-poor people already have a tough time deciding to even accept a small raise because that raise will cost them more in what they will lose than in what they will gain from a raise. Is that really the kind of society we want or can even afford?

Many of us boomers are retiring or getting ready to retire. With fewer younger people working full-time jobs or working at all, who is going to be left to work and provide the freebies? If we don’t reduce the freebies now, we will quickly run out of money and there will be NO help for anyone who needs it in the future.

We ALL, including and especially low-income people, have to stand up and refuse to allow ourselves to be trained. We must stop buying into politician’s manipulations of our emotions and blackmailing us with name-calling in order to fund their own continued political aspirations.

So while liberals like to say Republicans want to drag America back to Jim Crow days, blah, blah, blah, it is the Democrats who want to drag everyone back to the Depression days where everyone was on their own and there was no help at all – because that’s right where they’re leading us.


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