All the Details Behind Car Attack in Charlottesville are Released, Man Behind Wheel Was… [UPDATE]

Yesterday one person lost their life during a protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, after a man plowed his car into the crowd of demonstrators.

The footage of what occurred was immediately released, so the details of what happened had not been fully reported.

Here is what we reported on yesterday:

Today the major clashes happening in Charlottesville, VA, has turned deadly… not just violent.

The mayor of the city has confirmed that a car plowed through a group of counter-protestors and one person has died as a result.

“I am heartbroken that a life has been lost here. I urge all people of good will–go home,” Mayor Mike Signer tweeted.

There is video footage of the car ‘plowing through a group of people protesters after police broke up clashes between white nationalist demonstrators and counter-protesters,’ reports the Hill.

You can see three cars charging into a group of people when one of them pushes the other two vehicles further into the crowd, before backing up into more people.

Police have the driver in custody and it is still uncertain if the collision was intentional.

According to The Hill: The collision followed a morning of violent clashes between far-right groups and counterprotesters, prompting Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe to declare a state of emergency. Police in riot gear ordered demonstrators to disperse as they marched onto the scene Saturday.

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White nationalist, white supremacist and alt-right groups were initially scheduled to gather in Charlottesville’s Emancipation Park Saturday to protest the city’s decision to remove a Confederate statue there.

But as clashes broke out ahead of the so-called “Unite the Right” rally Saturday morning, police declared the gathering an unlawful assembly, breaking up the event before it officially began.

University of Virginia Medical Center said that 20 people have been taken to the hospital, and one person has died. 

Today, there are more details of what had happened.

“It was very clearly intentional,” Gilmore told NBC News. “From the far end of the street it accelerated, slowed down right before the crowd and then slammed on the gas through the crowd sending bodies flying. And then it reversed back into the street dragging bodies and clothes.”

Someone else reported that the car was going around 40 MPH and believed the act was on purpose too:

“A counter protester had allegedly thrown a rock at the car, causing the driver to swivel around and ram into people and cars in its way before driving off with someone’s shoe attached to its bumper,” the Daily Mail reports.

According to officials, one person, a 32-year-old woman, is dead and 19 injured, and a total of three vehicles were involved. The Challenger (pictured below) was finally stopped by police several blocks away.

Virginia Secretary of Public Safety Brian Moran said the driver, identified late Saturday as James Alex Fields Jr., 20, was quickly arrested. Fields is being held on suspicion of second-degree murder and malicious wounding, among other charges. Both the FBI and the Department of Justice have opened up civil rights investigations into Fields’ actions.

Information about Fields is just beginning to surface, but his social media accounts indicate that he embraced ethnonationalist and white supremacist ideology, some of his posts including Nazi imagery. One photograph of Fields shows him standing with Vanguard America, a group which describes itself online as “The Face of American Fascism” and engaged in the “Struggle for Race and Nation”; however, the group has denied that he is a member.

Daily Wire


Here is what is being reported on James Alex Fields Jr., the driver responsible for killing one woman and injuring 19 other people.

Fields has been obsessed with white supremacy and Nazism for several years, according to reports, and traveled from Ohio to Virginia to be a part of the “Unite the Right” rally. His past is dark…

• Fields father was killed by a drunk driver at 5-months-old. He was raised by his single mother, Samantha Bloom, in Northern Kentucky. His mom is paraplegic.

• The uncle, whom spoke with the Washington Post, said he usually only saw Fields at family gatherings, and found him “not really friendly, more subdued.” Fields’s father left him money in a trust supervised by his uncle. “When he turned 18, he demanded his money, and that was the last I had any contact with him,” the uncle said.

• Fields’s maternal grandparents and a horrific death in a murder-suicide in 1984. The Post reports: “After an argument, Marvin Bloom, a self-employed contractor, killed his ex-wife, Judy, with a 12-gauge shotgun, then put the gun to his head. He was 42, and she was 37. Their daughter, Samantha, was 16.”

• Derek Weimer, Fields’s old teacher, reported to the Associated Press that school officials were aware of his “deeply held, radical” beliefs about race and Nazism by the time Fields was in the ninth grade. Weimer was his teacher for his junior and senior years at Randall K. Cooper High School in Kentucky.

Weimer attempted to use facts and reasoning to dissuade Fields from his obsession with Nazis. “This was something that was growing in him,” the teacher said. “I admit I failed. I tried my best. But this is definitely a teachable moment and something we need to be vigilant about, because this stuff is tearing up our country.”

• Fields wanted to join the Army and applied with the help of Weimer; whom believed ‘working with a diverse group of people would help cure Fields of his white-supremacist views.’ Initially he was rejected, but enlisted in the late summer of 2015. ‘The Defense Department said he was only on active duty for four months and was let go “due to a failure to meet training standards in December of 2015.”’ reports the NYMag.

• The teacher reported that Fields told him he had been diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was younger and prescribed antipsychotic medication.

• Fields and his mother moved from Kentucky to Ohio, for her job, about a year ago. He attained his own place 5-6 months ago in Maumee, Ohio.

Full report is here.


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